Saying Goodbye to The Shakedown

Parse is shutting down on January 28th, and The Shakedown is going down with it.

Over The Shakedown’s lifetime of 2+ years, here are some stats:

  • 11,300 users
  • 12,900 installations
  • 32,500 friendships
  • 163,000 steals

#TheShakedown Brent, cookin’ up some points

We still have an average of ~5 weekly active users and ~20 monthly active installs. The most recent user registered on January 7th (sorry bud).

I considered attempting to migrate The Shakedown off of Parse, but decided not to in the end. I’m in the throes of my current project, TumbleSeed, so time is the biggest issue. Parse also covered up some pretty big holes in my backend programming knowledge which became even more apparent to me when looking at the migration steps.

In the end we really want to thank our users for all the hilarious Tweets, Vines, videos, and stories they shared with us. Sometimes jokes turn out more meaningful than when you try really hard to build something people will care about!

come at us @willychyr cc: @aeiowu #TheShakedown In the end Greg’s yoga ball technique was more aesthetic than functional

#TheShakedown at #SeanCon The Shakedown collides with real life

We predicted our earnings from this app would be ~$1,000,000. They ended up being about ~$40, which seems close enough.

We’re going to make a million dollars from this app Shoutout to Sun Wah BBQ

RIP The Shakedown: August 19th, 2014 — January 9, 2017.

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