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Self Expression is Mocking: Why Normies Have the Biggest Egos

I once looked at people with outrageous style and thought they had huge egos. But now I suspect normies have the largest egos of all! If you have an inflated sense of self-worth the surest road to keeping that going is not putting yourself in situations where that ego can be tested.

Self-expression is deciding what you’ll let people mock you for. Not being expressive through fashion/lifestyle/whatever leads to the mockery that you’re a square. This is a vastly preferable form of distaste for most people!

The vagueness of hating normality makes the criticism feel less sharp. Being a normie feels very defensible. Hey maybe you’re super busy and don’t have time to figure out your “style” or “personality”!

Self-expression is choosing what you’ll let people make fun of you for. It’s charging head-on into the unavoidable fact that you will be disliked.

If you’re living a distinctive life, mockery keeps you in touch with reality—that there is no singular framework for what is beautiful, meaningful, and important.

The ego that bumps against reality is the ego that’s held in check. The ego that remains in blandness and stays intent on remaining unjudged does so to swell as large as possible.