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Competency is Worthless

People who have never made anything before strive for competency. When they do decide to make something, they look at things they love from the perspective of creation. They see the technical details. The competency. Competency isn’t too difficult. “Hey. I could make that.”

They make something. It measures up. It’s competent. But no one cares. Simultaneously some half-assed broken bullshit becomes popular instead. “The system is broken. The thing that’s popular barely even works. I made something completely competent and good and no one cares.”

No one cares about competency. Competency is only interesting to the person who made it. You know this because you hear it when other people show you their work. But you’re deaf to it when it’s in your own work.

Craftsmanship is beautiful, but it’s also vain.

So maybe take the opportunity to make more half-assed broken bullshit. Attempt to restrain the vanity of doing something right. Because in the end, you’re often choosing between doing something wrong or making something no one cares about.